Staff Spotlight: Kimberly Mitchell WISER Highlights Summer 2022

Staff Spotlight: Kimberly MitchellWISER Highlights Summer 2022Position: Web Application Developer  How would you describe your job to someone who’d never heard of it?   I usually tell new people I meet that “I do computer programming for a medical simulation program...

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SIMS 3.0 WISER Highlights Summer 2022

WISER Migrates to SIMS 3.0 WISER Highlights Summer 2022Last month marked a major milestone for WISER and SIMS 3.0. WISER IT staff migrated the 17 years of WISER SIMS 2.0 data to the new SIMS 3.0 platform. The Simulation Information Management System (SIMS) is the...

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Rapid Response Symposium WISER Highlights Summer 2022

WISER Leads the First WISER / UPMC Rapid Response Symposium WISER Highlights Summer 2022Mr. Smith, a 71-year-old male patient, enters the hospital with the need for an emergent appendectomy. Shortly after surgery, he arrives at the unit and is doing well.  About an...

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Max Leake Retirement. Congratulations, Max!

Congratulations, Max! WISER Highlights Summer 2022Congratulations to WISER’s Max Leake, who retires in September after more than 16 years of service with WISER! As part of the Curriculum Development team, Max has worked as a web and multimedia application developer,...

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